Acro/Tumbling for dance is designed to help integrate acrobatic skills required in so much choreography today. Acrobatics is defined by its athletic character and skill elements, combined with classical dance technique. Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control,discipline and concentration.  This class will focus on the fundamentals of acrobatic technique.  Dancers will learn the basics of tumble starting with handstands, back bends, cartwheels, forward roll and round-offs, and grow into the intermediate and advanced tumbling tricks such as back handsprings and aerials.

BALLET - Offered: Beg, Int, Adv, ages:

 Youth-Adult Ballet is the most formalized dance form.  It has a specific technique along with an extensive vocabulary.  Students will experience classical music and learn to dance with grace.  Classes may vary depending on the instructor.  Some teachers are classically trained while others come from a contemporary ballet background.  Both styles are appreciated and well respected in the dance community.  Ballet is considered to be the basis of all dance training and is HIGHLY recommended for those who aspire to be proficient in jazz, modern, and lyrical.


  • Black Leotard
  • Pink Tights
  • Split sole canvas or leather Ballet shoes
  • Hair secured in a bun or off the neck
  • If choosing to wear a ballet skirt or ballet warm ups  it must be removable
  • (Adults may dress to own preference)

    COMBO - Offered: 5-6 years old

    An introduction to ballet and tap in a 55 min class, usually spending 30 min. on tap and 30 min. on ballet and jazz. This class gives students a basic fundamental of dance and movement. This will help the student decide which direction that want to pressure and they progress.


    • Tap and ballet shoes
    • Leotard and tights
    • Hair pulled off face

    CONTEMPORARY - Offered: Intermediate-Advanced  Ages: Teen-Adult

    A class geared toward the seasoned dancer.  A fusion of modern, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop, this class has no boundaries.  Dancers must have an extensive dance background and be ready to explore movement stylistically and creatively.


    • Clothing you can move freely in/personal style
    • Bare feet, Paws, Socks, jazz shoes

    CREATIVE - Offered: ages 3-4 (must be potty trained)

    Instructors provide a fun and positive atmosphere in a 45 min. class, while introducing the basics of ballet and tap through creative movement and make believe.  Children will dance to their favorite music while using fun props (musical instruments, wands, hats, and more!)


    • Tap and ballet shoes
    •  Leotard and tights
    •  Hair pulled off face

    HIP HOP - Offered:  Beg, Int., Adv.   Ages:Youth-Adult

    In the early 1970’s Dance forms associated with Hip Hop developed in NYC (i.e. b-boying / girling and Brooklyn up rocking) couldn’t be defined so they were lumped into one category labeled as “break dancing, while the other half of them (i.e Popping and Locking) originated and developed on the west coast.  As a result, west coast “funk” was overlooked and the public ignorantly credited “hip-hop” as the father of the funk dance forms.  Vocabulary words such as, “footwork”, “freezes”, “rockin”, “breakin”, “Pop”, and “Lock” are all associated and incorporated in a hip-hop class.  It is hard to clearly distinguish the art forms and give them their due respect, so until that day, we define our hip-hop classes as expressive and stylistic, depending on the instructors personal background.  These classes are high energy, beat oriented, and are based upon a common pulse known as rhythm!


    • Street clothes (often baggy for free movement)
    •  Tennis shoes please make sure soul are clean 

      TECH AND TURNS - Offered in  Beg, Int and Adv ages: Youth - Adults

      This class will have a combination of  Turns sequins, strength training, jumps and tricks.  This class has an enfess of placement, incorporation and body mechanic.  If very important to have basic proper training and awareness of our body and how it controls the movement we work.

      JAZZ - Offered: Beg,Int,Adv. Ages: Youth-Adult

      One of the more popular styles of dance, movement is energetic and fun.  Jazz dance technique is similar to ballet, however stylistically jazz relies heavily on originality and improvisation.  Often Music is upbeat and energetic.  Movement is sharp, and awake! Unlike ballet posture can be withdrawn, spine curved, legs parallel and turned in.


      • Form fitting clothing
      • Split sole jazz shoes
      • Hair pulled back
      • No jazz sneaker

      LYRICAL - Offered: Beg-Advance Ages: Youth-Adult

      A fusion of ballet and jazz, dancer will dance to slower music, where the “lyrics” of the music are interpreted through movement.  Learning to act, emote, and express through their body and face is the main goal of this class.  If you love music with an emotional emphasis this class is for you!


      •  Form fitting clothing
      •  Hair pulled back
      • Jazz shoes or foot paws

      MINI HIP HOP - Offered: Beginning Hip Hop Ages: 4-6

      This class teaches the fundamentals of rhythm, timing, and counting music.  Students learn hip hop vocabulary and basic break dancing skills such as: six step, cc’s, freezes, and top rocking.  It is a fun, energetic class where the students experience free styling and self expression.

      • Tennis shoes or hip hop shoes

      POINTE - Offered: Beg Pre-pointe ages 10 and up, Int/adv pointe for Teen and up

      • Adv-pro may take any regular ballet technique class on pointe

      Pointe class is a ballet technique class done wearing “pointe” shoes.  In order to take this class a proficient ballet background is necessary, and younger dancers must be approved by the instructor before taking the class, to insure optimal safety.


      • Black leotard
      • Pink tights
      • Pointe shoes
      • Hair in a secure bun

      (professional may dress to own preference)

      PRE-BALLET - Ages: 4-6 Mini/Youth

      An introduction to ballet class. 45 min length. Ballet is the most formalized dance form. Dancers will begin to learn vocabulary and fundamentals of ballet.


      • Black Leotard
      •  Pink tights
      • Split sole canvas or leather ballet slippers
      • Hair in a secure bun

      PRE-JAZZ - Ages: 4-6 Mini/Youth

      An introduction to Jazz class.  45 minutes in length.  Children will experience upbeat movement, and have a ton of fun dancing with style!


      • Jazz pants or shorts
      • Leotard or form fitting tank top
      • Black split sole jazz shoes
      • Hair pulled off face

      TAP - Offered: Beg-Adv.  Ages: youth-Adult

      Tap dance steps make frequent use of syncopation, steps focus on making beats and rhythms.  There are several styles of taping, “Rhythm tapping” is done purely with the legs and sounds are louder and grounded. Sammy Davis Jr., Savion Glover, and Gregory Hines are examples of famous hoofers or “Rhythm tapers”.  Dancers like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly incorporated ballroom and ballet backgrounds to create a character/Broadway style of taping.  Our classes differ depending on the instructor’s background.


      • Street clothes

      • Tap shoes