In the early 1970’s Dance forms associated with Hip Hop developed in NYC (i.e. b--boying/girling and Brooklyn uprocking) couldn’t be defined so they were lumped into one category labeled as “break dancing, while the other half of them (i.e Popping and Locking) originated and developed on the west coast.  As a result, west coast “funk” was overlooked and the public ignorantly credited “hip-hop” as the father of the funk dance forms. Vocabulary words such as, “footwork”, “freezes”, “rockin”, “breakin”, “Pop”, and “Lock” are all associated and incorporated in a hip-hop class.  It is hard to clearly distinguish the art forms and give them their due respect, so until that day, we define our hip-hop classes as expressive and stylistic, depending on the instructors personal background. These classes are high energy, beat oriented, and are based upon a common pulse known as rhythm


  • Street clothes (often baggy for free movement)
  •  Tennis shoes please make sure soul are clean