Strong , Defined & Balanced


The Barre Shop is a fitness studio offering a 45-minute, calorie-burning, music bumping, personalized barre workout for all levels. This is a low impact program with small isolated movements that incorporates cardio and stretching, while focusing on the whole body. The Barre Shop promotes strength and flexibility to lift and tone your entire body. Our ever changing vibe will help move, motivate and balance your soul. 


Whether you’re a fitness professional or new to fitness our program motivational staff will make you feel Strong, Defined & Balanced



No one likes being in a packed class. It's uncomfortable and makes it difficult to focus. We max our classes out at 15 people so you can focus on you and have plenty of room to move. 




It's nice when people know your name, but it’s even nicer when they know your story. Our team takes the time to learn about you and what inspires you.